Erin Michelle lives with her family in Northern Virginia where she loves spotting new colors in the nature that surrounds her - the pastel dusks of winter, the wildflowers of spring, the glossy greens after a summer rain, and that sudden pop of orange in the fall. However, no matter what season or environment she’s in, Erin never forgets her Southern California roots, and carries those sunny vibes with her wherever she goes. Her aesthetic is a culmination of all things bright, bold, and beautiful with a flair for pops of color. Erin is on a mission to brighten your day with her art. Creating surface patterns infused with her infectious, joyful designs, she aims to paint your world with a reason to smile everywhere you look.​​​​​​​
Erin's Creative Process
"My studio is a patchwork of inspiration and color everywhere you look. With space to sketch, craft, and get to work behind my screens, I have all the tools at my fingertips to make my visions come to life."
"I like to keep a daily sketchbook of doodles and whatever comes to mind when putting pen to paper. This process helps me to get abstract filler shapes in my patterns, and organic, often floral forms that come from my unique style. 
Then I will immerse myself in nature or the subject I want to capture. 
These often involve long walks around my neighborhood, where I’ll stop to take pictures of every leaf and flower that catches my eye."
"For example, in this blue pattern below, I actually captured many of the main leaves featured within it while on a camping trip."
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